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Senin, Desember 10, 2007


Senin, Desember 10, 2007

A Friend

You know God! When you reach a certain age And the book of life has about reached the final page. And you lose your teeth and you get a saggy chin And the hair on your head gets really thin. And the chance of making new friends gets very slim. And no pretty girls will let you win.

God how do new friends ever enter your life? Do they just offer a hand when they see your strife? Or do they just smile at you so sweet That your heart falls at their feet? And just learning their name is a special treat. And the name Marjomia can't be beat.

God you won't miss one little stars light Please let her stay and brighten my night. I don't have many friends any more They have all left by the score And gone to your distant shore. Don't you see them right outside your door?

God if you miss one twinkling stars light. How did it ever fall from your sight? And land in a place far across the sea And did that star shine it's light on me Could that stars name be Marjomia? Cause she sure lit up my night you see.

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